Einmal Königin

Einmal Königin

Es folgt eine Rede, die beim Multikulturellen Frauenmarsch Berlin am 28. Februar 2021 von Fortune Agbele (1. Bild) und Claudia Serwah Prempeh (2. Bild) mit dem Titel: Women Empowerment Now! gegeben wurde. Auf unserer englischen >>website veröffentlichten wir sie anlässlich des Internationalen Frauentags.

Today let’s remember the monumental work of many women ahead of us who have contributed to women empowerment. For instance, these have been in women’s reproductive health, which helps women exercise autonomy over their reproductive health. Let us also remember the women who fought for equal rights to education, work and voting. These are rights that you and I are enjoying and take for granted.
Despite all these gains, we women still face enormous inequalities. Pressed with our challenges, Covid-19 came and exacerbated the already dire situation.
COVID-19 has amplified the gender problems that we women face. It has profoundly affected women and is throwing away decades of hard-won battles regarding gender equality and women’s economic rights. Some of us women face a double burden of lost jobs and homeschooling, while others face a triple burden of homeschooling, housework and maintaining regular jobs.
It has significantly increased the burden of unpaid work on women, with many women running the risk of falling back into poverty. The crises cuts across both developed and undeveloped countries. Covid has adversely affected women than men, and even among women, the level of devastation varies across regions, economies, class, religion and culture, but our oppressions are interconnected.

So now, more than ever, as sisters with one voice, we want to call government across the globe to help women. Now more than ever, we as women need to unite for our good; we need to be on our own side and lift each other with kind words, resources, services and labour when we can.
Now more than ever, we need to teach our children to love one another. We need to teach our children to treat each other with respect. The work starts at home. The fight begins when they are young. As women, we need to set examples for our children, especially the girls.

Therefore, the time to act is now! If we fail to act now, our children, especially the girl-child, will be left behind. Instead of seeing covid as a crises, let’s see it’s generative possibilities and as an opportunity to unite and tap into each other’s strength and resilience. As goes a Ghanaian proverb: “The strength of the broom lies not in the power of a single frond but in the resilience of its united fronds.” Therefore, there is strength in numbers, and if we as women will unite and push, the future of our children can only be better. The future is female!


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